Complete built-in and wired hot-runner systems, ready for production!

  1. for all types of hot-runner applications
  2. all mold standards possible
  3. plug connection according to your requirements
  4. board material 1.2083 (stainless) or 1.2312
Heiße Hälften

Modular plug and play design controllers with CE certification

Regelgerät mit 3 Regelzonen
Regelgerät mit 6 Regelzonen

HLDC-15A controllers

  • P.I.D. control / with SELBSTOPTIMIERUNG for exact cooling leading (precision +/- 1°C)
  • soft start function
  • with error detection, protection and alarm function
  • for all temperature sensors (J/ K type)
  • manual and automatic switch
  • available with 3, 6, 10 and 12 control areas

Ceramic clamp technology CE-FIX

Keramische Klemm Technologie CE-FIX

The latest development within the well proven ceramic insulation technology.

HEATLOCK was the first in 1982 to introduce hot-runners with ceramics. Ceramic insulation is the superior insulator  compared to all other versions: it locks heat in! Result is less heat transform at contact surfaces to ensure stability at the same time energy saving. 

With the latest patented CE-FIX technology we made ceramics even easier to use with increased sustainability, easy to install and adjust.

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