Volastic hot-runner highlights

Front leading heater

  • Allows heater change from the mold parting line.

Separate ring type thermocouple

  • Easy to replace without heater disassembly.

Maximum flexibility!

  • Tips and caps are variably replaceable.
  • as an option, highly wear resistable tips are available

Open Nut

Offene Kappe
open nut
Beispiele Düsenspitzen
nozzle tips: PT, OT, XT5, XT10, FT

Bush and sprue nuts

Geschlossene Kappe ohne Aufmaß
bush nut
Geschlossene Kappe mit Aufmaß
sprue nut
Beispiele Düsenspitzen
nozzle tips: PT, OT, FT


  • reduced shear loads on melt
  • no stagnation zones - easy colour/material changes
  • accurate flow channel balancing with multiple manifolds through special arrangement of the transition plugs
  • flow channels in up to 4 levels in one block! = homogeneous material orientation - no "leading" of individual melt fronts
  • manifolds for up to 48 drops in one block!

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